Tips on Making New Friends

How long has it been since you have seen your old pals? Have you kept in touch with the individuals who always brought a smile to your ispace1? Or have your cherished friendships slowly faded away?

Are you spending time together and building relationships that are strong? Or will be your new friendships in danger of slowly fading away?

May 15 – 20 is Old Friends, New Friends Week. The week is devoted to rebuilding relationships and fortifying new friendships.

Reconnecting With Old Friends
It happens to most people. It’s never intentional. Pretty soon we’re left wondering where the time has gone. And we realize it has been ages since we’ve seen people we care about.

Old Friends, New Friends Week is the best opportunity to reach out to your older friends. Get together in person or catch up with a long phone call. Exchange email addresses and find each other on social networking sites. It’s the first step towards fixing the connection you’ve always shared.

Building New Friendships
New friendships need to be nurtured. Spend some time with your new friends during Old Friends, New Friends Week. Go out for coffee, like a movie together and get to know the new people in your life a little better.

Benefits Of Allergic
Friends are the support group we might not even realize we need – until we really need them.

A friend listens and genuinely cares about everything you need to say. Friends carry you through your darkest days, and also make your triumphs worth observing. They are an essential part of life. Your friends can make you feel more happy and actually help improve your health.

Most of us want our friends. And they need us.

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