The Complete Pigeon Racing Guide.

There are various champions and gurus of the pigeon racing sport who has contributed a lot for the use of new entrants. Before you want to become a professional racer you should apprise yourself of certain basics. This comprises of the stock selection, the breeding, health and nutrition of the birds, training and conditioning of pigeons and last but not the least the case s

World’s Ugliest Dog contest takes place every year in Petaluma, California, being part of Sonoma-Marin Fair. There are several categories, such as Pedigree Class, Mutt Class, Ring racing pigeon pedigree of Champions and Ugly Dog of the Year. For this last category, winners of Pedigree and Mutt classes are chosen. Ring of Champions is a battle between the previous World’s Ugliest Dogs and the Ugly Dog of the Year. There is also a contest for Crazy Dog Tricks. The winner not only gets the title ‘The World’s Ugliest Dog’ but also a prize of $1,000. Both the dog and its owner became famous worldwide, and appear on talk shows and papers around the world.

The event has been around for 22 years, is sponsored by Animal Planet and is broadcast on television. The Sonoma-Marin Fair and its partners, Sonoma County Human Society are trying to educate the public on animals’ issues and to offer opportunities for adoption of dogs. Dogs from all over the world can enter the competition.

The 2009 winner was a boxer mix named Pabst and he put an end to the seven year reign of the Chinese Crested breed. Pabst was a four year old, rescued from a shelter by his owner.

The 2003, 2004 and 2005 titles were all won by Sam who was a Chinese Crested dog. Chinese Crested are hairless dogs, but hairlessness varies from dog to dog. It is probably their long tongue and huge eyes that make them so compatible with the title. Half of the entries in the pedigree class in 2009 were Chinese Crested. Sam’s owner had to be persuaded to take the dog after he had been rejected by an adoption agency. Susie Lockheed, Sam’s owner suffered from allergies that could become worse if she was near furry dogs. Susie took Sam for a trial period of two days, but this turned into five years of com

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