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In both of these decades Netscape clearly dominated the online browser uc browser download for pc, however a brand new browser called Internet Explorer was fast gaining ground on it.

Microsoft introduced their particular browser (ironically according to the earlier Mosaic browser that was made by one of those men currently running Netscape), obviously concerned about Netscape’s dominance. It wasn’t so much that the stress that it might have a 100% market share of browsers in their Windows operating system, but the stress that browsers will shortly be capable of conducting all sorts apps on them. That might mean foregoing the requirement for a real operating system, or in the least just a very fundamental one would be required. This then would imply Netscape would shortly have the ability to dictate terms of Microsoft, and Microsoft weren’t going to let this occur easily.

By 1999 Web explorer had seized an 89.03% market share, although Netscape was down to 10.47 percent. How can Internet Explorer create this much ground in only two decades? Well that was down to 2 things really. Internet Explorer had another ace it stored Netscape – it had been much better. Netscape Navigator was stagnant and was for some time. The new features it seemed to present were frequently perceived by the public as valuable to Netscape’s parent company instead of Netscape’s user base. (i.e., attributes that will help it monopolise the marketplace ). Regular updates and superb usability and a hundred thousand dollar investment could prove a lot for Netscape Explorer.

2000 – 2005

These years were rather quiet from the Battle of the Browsers. In 2002/2003 it’d attained approximately 95 percent of the market share – roughly the time of IE 5/6. With more than 1000 people working on it and millions of dollars being pumped in, few individuals had the tools to compete. Then again, who desired to compete? It was obviously a volatile marketplace, and moreover that everyone was satisfied with Internet Explorer. Some individuals saw flaws with IE – safety problems, incompatibility problems or just poor programming. Not just that, it had been pushed down peoples throats. Something needed to change. The only individuals with the capability and the capability to compete with Microsoft took things into their own hands.

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