Best Makeup brushes set


Your best makeup products won’t help you in creating perfect makeup look if you do not have the right tools for applying it.

Having the best makeup brushes set is essential. It gives you the authority to contour, shade, fill and highlight with ease and perfection.

Below are the brushes that you must have in your kit to give life to your forever makeup beauty.

  1. The foundation brush

Applying the liquid foundation with a brush allows the product to buff into the skin and give a seamless finish over doing it with fingers which leaves unwanted finger prints.

Start buffing the brush in circular motion in the centre of face and then work outwards.

You can use flat brush for lighter coverage and dense brush for heavier coverage.

  1. Blender brush


Blending is the key in doing makeup. Tapered shape blending brush with fluffy bristles allows you to blend with ease either in creating chiseled cheeks or smoky eyes. You can use it simply by buffing out and blending in the areas you want.





  1. Concealer brush

It is an excellent aid in applying concealer properly. Flat and pointed concealer brush builds coverage while rounded brush conceals under eye dark area. To hide dark circles or wrinkles, apply in a triangle shape under eyes. For covering dark spots, apply it on that area and blend outwards using the brush.


  1. Eyeliner brush

It is extremely slim and easy to use brush with sparse tip.

Either you want winged eyeliner, natural liner or fish tail liner on your eyes, eyeliner brush can assist you.


  1. Blush Brush

They are domed and fluffy brushes with tapered bristles.

You can use these brushes to apply blush, bronze and powder for tinged or flushed cheeks and defining and contouring cheekbones.

Simply smile or make the fish face and brush the product upwards towards the ears.









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