Are American Online Poker Sites Rigged?

It is ideal as well, on the grounds that most genuine poker players will not play in competitions with any under 8 provocative poker leaders. At long last, jus tto ensure that one can see all the bandarqq various highlights as an afterthought, there is an image of a lady on the left-hand side of the screen wearing her fairly unsupportive clothing resting before a PC with poker chips lying around her body. She is cheerfully wearing a couple of complimenting white high obeyed shoes so she can show at any second during her poker game. A genuinely tasteful site.

–, a best in class online card room, is another elegantly created site, with nothing to insult put something aside for their new “Topless Bonus”. The “Topless Bonus: The Shape of Things to Come” appears to be a stretch: with this advancement they will “top up” your record with a free 20% reward. The parsimonious extra doesn’t just miss the mark concerning the 200% rewards skimming around on different locales, it additionally outrages the eye. They publicize it with a little outline of a lady, barely uncovering anything at all. Why they decided to attempt to connect a 20% with topless ladies is a secret, however they most likely pulled out all the stops.

– Not to be outshone, Jungle Poker has its own female representative: in all honesty the exquisite Cheynelle Fraser, a barkeep/model who is presently the authority face of Jungle Poker. Why a poker site would require a sizzling hot model as a representative is a stupendous secret. We speculate it is on the grounds that the photographs of Cheynelle – which incorporate a few brilliant cleavage shots – most likely have an inseparable tie to poker and nothing with selling sexuality. Albeit the site might be utilizing the acceptable looks of lovely Cheynelle to help advance their site, they are not just about T and An on their site: on the first page of the site they have an ad for their heads up Sit and Go competitions, highlighting two headshots of a man and a lady, both completely dressed, testing each other to a game. Yippee for equity!

– Europeans are no exemption with regards to utilizing charming pictures of the female structure to help them sell their items. In a new article distributed on, the writer expounds on the forthcoming Great British Poker Tour, and the focal point picture of this article is a naked lady unwinding in a bath loaded with poker chips. It really is ideal that they posted this image, since nothing says Great British Poker Tour in a way that is better than a lady washing bare in

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