4 Sites For Free Lottery Play


I remind you that free lotteries tend to disappear, some subsist by changing their offer, there are barely 4 or 5 left in France today

Presentation of the Trillonario site: buy lotto tickets

Trillonario is a simply revolutionary site! In fact, you will now be able to participate in the biggest lotteries in the world , without even having to travel .

The concept is simple, but you still had to invent it:

You choose your lottery and Trillonario will buy your lottery ticket in your name, thanks to their network of agencies located all over the world!

Withdrawal of winnings:

If you win less than $ 600 Trillonario will automatically collect the winnings on your behalf and send them to you or credit them to your account. Check this 먹튀

If you earn more than $ 600 you can either pick up your winning ticket directly from one of the company’s agencies, or have it shipped to you, at your own risk, of course.

Warning The American and European lottery games are reserved for people over 18 years old

Presentation of the Animoloto site

Animoloto is a portal for free online games. Every day, you will be able to win gifts by participating in the various contests organized, playing free games, scratch games or tournaments organized between players.

To play, just register for free. Then, by logging into Animoloto every day, you will get up to 10 free credits to use as you wish on scratch games and other games that may be offered. In addition, you get the right to validate up to 7 grids on all free lotteries on each connection day.

The draw is under the supervision of a bailiff

Presentation of the Super Loterie site

Super Lottery is also a favorite

Super Lottery is a lottery game based on grids that must be validated by clicking on a banner.


By registering, you can play up to 6 grids and try to win the prizes at stake:

With 6 correct numbers: a check worth 6000 euros.

With 5 correct numbers: 200,000 points.

With 4 correct numbers: 4,000 points. With 3 correct numbers: 200 points.

With 2 correct numbers: 30 points.

With 1 correct numbers: 10 points.

To play your grids, you will have the choice between choosing your 6 numbers manually, automatically generating a random grid or even choosing from your favorite grids.

The advantage of Super Loterie is that all of this is 100% free since the grids are sponsored with the advertising banners when the grids are validated!

VIP advantage: when you register, you are assigned a VIP number. It is used among other things to participate in the VIP game of the day which can then make you win the VIP gift of the day: stays, high-tech, vouchers, game consoles …

Sponsorship: the sponsor earns 10% of the points earned by their referrals. These 10% accumulate with the points earned by the sponsor (any inactive sponsor who has not used the site for a year or more will lose their referrals and all their points). If one of your referrals earns a check for 6,000 euros by obtaining 6 correct numbers, you will then earn 10% of his earnings, i.e. a check for 600 euros!

Description and reviews of Madloto:

Madloto is the N ° 1 lottery in France, it offers a daily draw to win up to € 15,000 !!

Madloto, 100% free online lottery site and contests, it is:

– every day 5 lottery grids to play

– every month a new contest

– dream gifts: high tech, IT, travel, boxes gifts…

– a super prize pool of € 15,000 to be won every day !!!

Try your luck in the free contests offered by Madloto, you will win trips, scooters, ipads, iphones…

The site is completely free and registration is quick.

Play and win free gifts on Madloto


Description and opinion on KingoJoker

KingoLOTO is a free lottery that offers you to win up to € 10,000 per day.

All you need to do is fill in the 8 grids that are offered to you each day and check the draw for the day.

You can also win lots of other gifts depending on the number of numbers you find!


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