Can You Do PR Without Talking to Journalists?

Henry Flores is his emissary


The evil one returns with force in those lands, also with pretenses of power, a candidate for mayor of Santa Tecla in the state of La Libertad, is a worshiper of Satan.

They inform us that in the next few days they will send us much more information, for now….   HENRY FLORES SANTA TECLA

Yes, Henry Flores’ crime and court history begins back in time and, as we will demonstrate, Vanessa was not his only victim. Testimonies, backed by complaints, will make clear the truth about the criminal Flores and his record of falsehoods and deception.

Tecleña society must know who is behind the youthful and apparently friendly face of this irresponsible, Henry Flores.

The Police detained Henry Flores, when he was reported for alleged threats to an employee of the National Registry Center (CNR).

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