Sink with a vanity unit in the bathroom – a solution to both design and household issues



After the repair has been made in the bathroom, it is time for the rest of the components: washbasin, cabinet, mirrors, etc.

When installing a washbasin, it is important to implement the following aspects:

  • stylish solution;
  • saving space;
  • multifunctional design.
  • cabinet with washbasin

Sink with vanity unit – multifunctional combination

Bathroom beautification is the key point where it is important not to miss anything. However, sometimes the small size and inconvenient shape of the bathroom makes it impossible to place all the necessary elements.

A sink in the bathroom, in any case, is needed. And the cabinet is no less significant, since bathroom accessories should be stored somewhere, and moreover, not on an ordinary shelf, but in a drawer where water access is excluded. If these attributes are considered as separate modules, then of course it will take a long time. And when the design is a combined combination, the space requirement is halved.

Washbasin with vanity unit – 4 in one – maximum space saving

What is 4 in 1?

  • washbasin;
  • curbstone;
  • mirror;

It would seem that it will no longer be possible to save money, since all 4 elements are already combined in one product. Those with tiny bathtubs look for corner vanity units and matching sinks. Thus, the multi-valued system will be located in a convenient place.

Aesthetics and features:

  • washbasin with a cabinet – not only economy, but also according to Feng Shui , gives free movement of Chi energy. First, the power of water loves a lot of space. Secondly, it needs a round shape, which associatively displays the coin, which, relying on Chinese geomancy , increases the material condition;
  • fashionable and harmonious. Yes, indeed, a washbasin with a vanity unit will look stylish with any design composition;
  • the choice of shape and size – according to an individual decision, that is, even if the store does not have the required dimensions, the product can always be ordered according to your measurements;
  • disguise of plumbing fixtures. Pipes and other communications have a detrimental effect on the style. And with the help of a vanity unit, all the flaws are hidden behind the back wall of the cabinet. This effect cannot be achieved if the washstand acts as a free-standing module.
  • cabinet with washbasin

Classification of washbasins with a vanity unit

Washbasins with vanity units are classified according to:

  • type of installation (floor, wall);
  • type of material (ceramic, porcelain, glass, artificial stone, etc.);
  • external indicators (shape, color, size, etc.).
  • The most popular types of vanity sinks:
  • outdoor are already a classic. The demand for such a configuration is emphasized by the ease of installation, stability, practicality;
  • wall-mounted – a compact installation that does not take up much space and contains a lot of accessories. With proper installation, such a washbasin cabinet will withstand heavy weight;
  • corner washstands with a cabinet – they look original and do not obstruct the passage.

What material is it better to buy a washbasin with a cabinet from?

The main rule is to rely on your own tastes. No matter how familiar any options would not advise, any proposal should be considered independently. But it is better not to ignore the opinion of specialists because they rely not on personal preferences, but on quality. And if you believe the recommendations of professionals, then in the first place – artificial stone, then – acrylic, then – glass, faience, and already in the last position – metal products.


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