How to Order Online Food in Train at your seat

Animal or human remains. That is correct, even when a deceased relative or puppy has to be buried in a different region, you can’t send their body or ashes by means of a courier service or even the postal system. Animal and human remains needs to be hauled by an experienced individual, whether that’s a Coroner, funeral home or relative. The stays can’t be insured nor will you food delivery in train anybody else to be accountable for their safe shipping.

Money. It’s against postal or courier system rules to send actual cash or money. The reason you can’t send money by means of a courier is since you can’t insure the true money value of this bundle. If this were the case, then scammers might like the right to send individual money then insure the packages for countless.

Weapons. If you’re sending a product by means of a courier, then you are going to want to discover their guidelines so far as sending any kind of weapon, whether contemporary or classic. There are regulations against hauling weapons across state and state lines and generally you won’t have the ability to get this done. Should you mean to try it, be sure to consult the courier initially to be certain you’re permitted to do so and if any paperwork or fees will be needed before you put yourself into trouble.

Particular medical equipment, prescription medications, food. Sometimes, you might need to get special permission to send these items so make sure you request a record of things which you can and cannot ship until you prepare your shipment. It is important to be aware that you also shouldn’t expect to have the ability to send any medications which could possibly be considered regulated or prohibited substances, and thus don’t even attempt this.

Any passenger having legal reservation ticket may reserve the meal through site. The Procedure for reserving is as below:-

And train begin date of travel, click search choice then Stations list will appear/display.
On choosing the channel where meal is to be sent, seller menu will start together with item rates.
Choose the seller and select the foods to be reserved. Costs of meal is going to be exhibited alongside. Verify your information: Passenger phone and title at the essential rows
2. Delivery details: Passenger PNR quantity of 10 digits and trainer number and seat amount which occupies on PNR or about which meals will be send.

Utilized during booking of foods.

Please email us in or telephone, what Sapp us in 7300000239.

If you opted to purchase by telephone, you can achieve Gofoodieonline’s customer support executives from 9.00am -10.00pm.Food delivery is contingent upon the shipping seller functional period, usually involving 8.00am-11.00pm

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