Doodle Jump Meets a Grown-Up

I thought I had made it. I was genuinely sure I would go to my grave without surrendering to the apparently addictive nature of computer games. I accuse my fixation for Katie Couric. To realize she is my age makes this confirmation much progressively excruciating.

Fourteen days back, similar to our daily propensity, we looked as Katie wrapped up the CBS evening news. She portrayed an iPhone game that is clearing the country. The name in itself is enjoyable to state, Doodle Hop goldendoodle puppies in California. Flashes of this dear little animal skiped on LT’s flatscreen television, ricocheting up green edges endeavoring to get to the highest point of?

I can’t answer since I have not been there, however I sure have a ton of fun attempting to arrive. For you aces perusing, if you don’t mind leave me a remark and mention to me what else is up there, extra special please.

Katie met the maker as he depicted the country’s furor with the little animal, sharing accounts of propositions to be engaged and huge amounts of fan mail. He even indicated a typical youngster botch in playing the game: forceful inclining side to side.

The story at that point sprinkled on various players, from the sweetheart multi year old giving us his definite most elevated score to the school green bean conceding, albeit to some degree embarassed, how irresistible the game is.

As referenced before, I have never played computer games. I grew up before computer games. Truly, we played tag, find the stowaway, jump scotch, those geek games you see on Family Excursion motion pictures.

LT and I don’t have a Wii or a Xbox or 360 or a 240 (gotcha). We are simply out of the computer game circle. No more.

On the off chance that I needed to name a motivation behind why this game has assumed responsibility for my life;- ), I trust it is on the grounds that the little doodle bug is so charming. Other than the reality, I love saying doodle bug. Saying Doodle Bug helps me to remember the kick I escape saying Wavy q frozen treats.

Subsequent to seeing the Doodle Bug, I was sincerely locked in. For you unmarketing types, this is exactly where the makers of Doodle Hop needed me. I needed my own Doodle Bug, Presently.

I went to the application site on my iPhone and scanned for Doodle Bug. OMG this little fella is considerably increasingly delightful very close. Without an idea to the sticker price of .99, I signed into iTunes and downloaded Doodle Bounce. For the record, I am specific about what I download and considerably increasingly particular about what I burn through cash on.


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