Cyber Crime

Hint #1: A defendant appears for pornographic material online and then downloads both legal and illegal substances (e.g., child porn, etc.). The prohibited illegal geld verdienenreally come from a site that’s run by the national government for the sole purpose of locating and arresting individuals who download child porn.

The man or woman has been detained even when they did not understand the materials downloaded on their computer were prohibited.

A lot of men and women feel that if a site looks”valid”, the substances that come from this site has to be legal to own (e.g., images, videos, etc.. ); nevertheless, this assumption isn’t correct.

As indicated, the national government has put up”valid” looking sites which provide child porn. The sole intention of the site is to lure someone into committing illegal actions (e.g., downloading an illegal film and/or image, etc.) then arresting that individual for downloading and owning the prohibited thing supplied from the national authorities.

Hint #2: Much like the case above, a defendant uses a”peer reviewed” file sharing program to get porn (e.g., LimeWire, Bittorrent, BearShare, etc.). Unbeknownst to the defendant, a number of the porn downloaded is really child-pornography, as it comes out of a computer owned and run by law enforcement. When the prohibited substances are downloaded in the law enforcement pc on the computer, a warrant is requested from a local courtroom and the pc is captured and searched.

Another instance is when law enforcement uses the same”peer reviewed” file sharing applications to”search” for prohibited child-pornography. After law enforcement finds prohibited substances, a computer software decides the TCP/IP address of the computer that houses the prohibited substances. Together with the TCP/IP speech, law enforcement may issue a warrant to find out the address and location of the defendant computer. After law enforcement understands the physical location of the defendant computer, another merit is obtained allowing the seizure and search of their computer.

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