Blue And Gold Macaws, Also Known As Ara Ararauna

They wander around the floor like your dog following you from room to african grey for sale uk. It’s so they can be together with you and also their curious nature, to see what they can get into. The nice thing about Macaw parrot is that many can remain on a play pen or stand as you are gone and will stay put. Though just like any parrot they should have a cage to escape to for meals or simply to have a nap.

In case you decide to cage your Macaw parrot, you need to stick to the principles of caging you simply parrot. You want to find the largest cage possible! The huge macaw parrot has a wing span up to 3 Ãï¿1/2Â1/2 ft and from head to tail they can quantify at 4 feet. Their cage must be double the size of their wing span and double the size of their tail. If you don’t comply with these simple guidelines you’ll have an unhappy or hurt parrot. A wrought iron or steel cage is highly recommended; a Macaw parrot’s beak is very powerful and can break open nuts like a can opener. As I mentioned they’re chewers and will chew through many perches you buy. I propose Manzanita or Iron Wood. It’s ideal to have dishes that are attached to the cage or you’ll locate them on the ground. When you set dishes in their cage, get one for water, food and fruits/veggies/ treats and place them alongside their perches. They’re escape artists so get a cage with a lock on the door.

Toys are very important since it will occupy your own parrot while you are out and they are caged. Like any parrot if boredom sets in you will get behavioral issues. I strongly advise you to receive toys, toys and more toys. Get them toys they can throw, thrash, chew, and make noise with. I like to have toys with wood blocks, plastic chain link and bells. They love to destroy so let them do this with toys. It is a difference between a happy healthier parrot and a miserable parrot with behavioral issues.

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