Accessible and ADA/ADAAG Compliant Playground Design

Hard ground cover, for example, concrete, rock, or pressed earth

* Exposed nails, open “5” snares or jutting jolts

* Worn swing seats or swing holders

* Inadequate ‘fall zones’ encompassing swings and slides (when all is said in done, every individual swing ought to have a fall zone of 20 feet in distance across. Likewise, an away from of in any event six feet should encompass swing sets and slides on all 메이저놀이터.)

* Hard swing seats or creature molded swing seats (These sorts of swings are related with an extra danger of injury.)

On the off chance that you locate any expected threats at a public office, advise your city’s parks and diversion office right away. It’s likewise essential to look at any play gear in your terrace and neighbors’ yards where your youngsters invest energy.

Other than sand, other worthy surfaces incorporate mulch, pea rock, elastic tiles, tangles, and cushioned floors. By and large, surfaces should be at any rate 12 crawls inside and out.

Youngster wellbeing specialists educate guardians to stay away concerning play zones with grass, soil, rock, black-top, blacktop or solid ground covers.

Dress for Safety

Dress your adolescents in shirts and sweatshirts without hoods or free strings. These things may snare onto gear, causing strangulation. (For a similar explanation, kids ought not play with strings or bounce ropes around jungle gym gear.)

Remember Your Backyard

Albeit 70% of jungle gym setbacks happen openly stops, most genuine wounds and passings include patio play gear (Injury Prevention 1997; 3:100-103). Along these lines, research wellbeing rules prior to buying a wilderness rec center or proceeding to utilize any current play hardware.

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