10 Things To Do 10 Days Before NEET


The countdown for the toughest medical entrance test, NEET across the country has begun. It is obvious that cracking NEET is a gruelling task given the massive competition. Nearly 16 lakh students are all set to participate in the upcoming NEET exam.


At this crunch time, NEET aspirants are inundated with tips pouring from all over which can be misleading, creating chaos. In a matter of a few days, aspirants will be entering into the final week of preparation. Admit cards have been released as the exams are fast approaching. By this time, aspirants must have drafted a strategy for the last 10 days before NEET, which predominantly revolves around revisions and solving NEET previous year question papers. Even if there is a dearth in preparation, let not your confidence get affected. Before the final showdown, we have collated 10 things that one must do 10 days prior to NEET.


  1. Revise basic concepts


Being absolutely thorough with basics is key to success be it Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Devote enough time to master basics in each of these subjects which only makes your job easier during the last phase of your preparation. Cover key concepts and note important points.


  1. Prepare subject-wise


Dedicate each day to each subject revising all chapters particularly in the last days before NEET.


  1. Avoid new topics


Last 10 days must be invested in mastering the already learnt concepts. Don’t make the blunder of studying something new, that which you have never studied. It can crush your confidence levels and only invite trouble. Remember, what you cover in the last few days plays a huge role on the day of the NEET exam.


  1. Reframe your timeline


You might have had a timeline set much before the last days. However, once you enter the final week, plans tend to change depending upon how your preparations are taking shape. Reframe your timeline and stay flexible while giving utmost importance to the revision of topics.


  1. Mock tests at the rescue


We constantly advise students to take up full-length mock tests at the end of day-long preparations, which mirror and depict your position in the crowd to get a fair share of an idea. Depending on your levels of preparedness, schedule your mock tests. Analyze your test results to identify your strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Dedicate time to resolve question papers


Make it a point to solve at least 1 question paper every day. Identify important, recurring questions, observe its pattern and extrapolate its possibilities in the upcoming NEET.


  1. Focus on easy to score and important chapters


Identify chapters that are important and easy to score, master these topics in all the 3 subjects. Be assured to crack any type of question appearing from such topics.


  1. Make short notes


Always keep handy self-made notes, extremely helpful during last-minute studies. Make note of all the mistakes you tend to make in calculations, formulae, reactions and keep revising regularly to avoid committing them.


  1. Avoid last minute changes


In the last 10 days, the last thing you want is to be in a deranged state. Do not attempt anything new or waste your time on unimportant things. Focus and channelize all your energy on most important aspects only. Newness can be in the form of a new strategy or a new trick to solve a particular type of question. Carefully plan your actions.


  1. Don’t overthink


Let your action speak in the form of your efforts. Keep all the unwanted pressure at bay and shift focus from the exam day to the preparation. Maintain lucidity at all levels. Stay motivated and confident which are critical for the most important factor, the exam temperament to take shape.


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